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The non wedding week

What happens when you set the date, book the place, and put the most exciting day of your life on hold? Aside from feeling a bit humiliated at the prospect of letting down the family personally, (meanwhile, mass emails are sent out to those who aren’t fortunate enough to get the phone call) you have a week long vacation to look forward to, for the rental house on the beach in Yarmouth, Cape Cod is in full force…

…and how beautiful June 18th turned out to be. The saltwater eminated from the sea and through the screened in porch, the nephews on the groom to be’s side illuminated with curiousity and entertainment. The grill was fired, home to Fleisher’s fabulous meat brought on the road from Kingston, NY; grass-fed and tenderized london broil, also an array of nitrite and nitrate free sausages including my favorite, Chicken and Lamb Moroccan. Fresh corn, mashed potatoes, and crusty baguettes…food for a feast of grateful vacationers.

The breeze that blew in through the ten foot windows was enough to rest my spirit, to take me back to a place that existed before South Carolina was on my list of places to live, a climate too hot and humid for one to be able to consciously breath in feeling comfort and breath out feeling peace. I am still waiting for the hydrangeas to bloom, just as I have woken up every morning thus far expecting it to be raining. Contrary to the forecasts, clouds have appeared just enough to put the heat to a temporary halt.

You can see the save the date video we created for what turned out to be a non wedding, here:


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