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A walk in the woods


Hailey, when she sneezes, does so in threes. I don’t know why that is, but I know that when I sneeze, I get it all out in one. A really obnoxious, giant, whooping one! Here we are, with Ernie and Carol, in Palinville. In and around the trees, in groups of three. Oh, what will we think of next? That is exactly the point, to me at least. What can I think of next. What will keep my brain occupied, and my friends, my family, entertained? This series of events that we are living together doesn’t get much better, much more interesting, much more wonderful. That may be a good metaphor for the six of us. After all, sometimes it seems like we are having enough fun and adventure for six fully grown humans. Other times, I feel tired enough for all of six of us as well.
When I used to walk in the woods, or walk anywhere at all, I would always be looking for the end of the path, the next adventure. I still am, in a way, but now I have learned how to enjoy the walk itself, and especially the people I am with. That adds a whole new dimension to how much I can enjoy the moment, fleeting as it is. You have to learn to enjoy the moments more and more as you grow, they aren’t going to enjoy themselves.
After our walk in the woods, we went to visit Hailey’s grandpa Fred. He is 91 and only recently moved into an assisted living facility. The place sat atop a mountain range in the beautiful Catskill mountains. He was a really cool guy. I am so glad I got to meet Hailey’s grandpa. If I have a regret, it’s that Hailey never got to meet my Nana. She and Fred would have been about the same age. Nana would have loved Hailey. I am doing my best to love her now. For all of us.


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