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South of The Border!

Pedro’s billboards are not merely a ploy to get business, but they serve as a wonderful way of keeping entertained a particularly curious passenger, like myself. When Bill and I moved to Charleston in August, the signs started showing up in North Carolina…

“You never Sausage a Place! (You’re always a weiner at Pedro’s!)”

“Pedro’s Weather Report! Chili Today-Hot Tamale!”

And then, you have these advertisements which you try to piece together. How is it that a place which has an “indoor pool, outdoor pool, and spa” is also home to Rocket City, a haven for Fireworks and Reptile Lagoon, “the largest indoor reptile exhibit in the US?”






So, the four and a half hour ride from Charleston to Raleigh-Durham was a piece of pecan pie, thanks to the many sources of entertainment. First and foremost is Pedro, the Southern billboard King. We opted out of stopping, but his signs brought a funky refuge from the typical billboards of the deep South.

We also began a photo project during the drive: capturing from the same place with every click of a Canon camera, a series of three-ten photographs every few minutes to turn our stop motion trip into a fast paced video.

Then we have Anika, the cat we decided to take along for the journey. A wonderfully adaptable feline, the six pound furball cuddled on my lap for the majority of the trip; her preferred spot was by the pedals on the driver’s side. She enjoyed this for only a brief time when we stopped at Taco Bell. Come Sunday, We’ll be dropping Anika off in Phoenicia, New York to enjoy the Summer with my mom and her neurotic cat Comet.

To leave you with a few pictures of Pedro we spotted along the way:


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