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A Fond Farewell!

It’s Billy and Dr. Hailey! Just a couple of ordinary folk who met working at an ice cream shop in Boston, and the rest is (rather recent) history. When we are not relaxing at Sullivan’s Island beach or grilling out, because Summer seems to be as constant here as the never ending song, then we are out in Awendaw enjoying a free music show at a back of the woods barn, listening to the sounds of Margaritaville at The Shrimp Shack, or watching dolphins entertain us at the nearby Creek and consuming fresh seafood with local brews. It has taken a full school year to feel that we found these hidden pockets worth exploring.

Just as quickly as we settled in, we are packing up the Dodge Stratus with whatever will fit, stuffing the remainder into a nearby garage, and saying auvoir to our dear cat who goes by many names. The next two months are on paper, our travels up the coast to New York, Boston, Cape Cod, Montreal, and Rhode Island, but the course may change…Who’s to say we won’t run out of money half way through and end up squatting under the New Jersey turnpike or break down in a West Virginia village. There’s no telling if the open road will embrace us or spit us out with disapproval.

We will soon find out if we are the happy travelers we make ourselves out to be by taking this vacation. This is a trip of seeing old friends and faraway family, dining whenever possible with the enthusiasm and curiosity of children; it’s crashing on couches and roughing it in the woods; it’s finding beautiful hiking trails in The Catskill Mountains and soaking in the salty sea of The Atlantic Ocean.

Bon Voyage!


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